PoetryGoes to Work

An approach to personal and organizational change rooted in self-expression, inspiration, and poetry
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Ronna is interested in getting people to rediscover the meaning in their work, the pleasure in their work, why they decided to do it in the first place. Creative expression helps many people get there.

Allan Peterkin MD, Mount Sinai Hospital

Ronna is a very gifted facilitator; blending her love of language with a spirit of play and a great respect for individual's needs and experiences.

Annie Simpson, Leadership Development Coordinator, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

The insight, attention, and creative rigour Ronna brings to her offerings can and does deepen academic discourse, perspective, and reflective capacity.

Patti McGillicuddy, Director, Professional Practice, Allied Health/Health Professions, UHN

Ronna will instantly captivate your employees and guide them through an extraordinary experience as they discover a whole new way to see the meaning in everyday work and life.

Teresa Scannell, Consultant, Organizational Development and Learning Centre, University of Toronto

Ronna’s workshops are not only educational, content-rich and fun, they evoke spiritual experiences for me. I would describe my experience in her classes and workshops as transformational. While in the moment, I don’t know the extent of the difference her exercises are making, they work on me for weeks after.

Rachel O’Hearn, Realtor, RE/MAX

I've heard lots of talks, but never have had an artist reduce the facts and argument from such a session into the essential take-away.

John Dalla Costa, Founder, Centre for Ethical Orientation

Ronna's Latest Book

Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement

Pedlar Press, 2012