I Feel Hopeful About the Future

In 1986 I was an art student in London England and made performance videos. I sat in front of a camera and told stories. The video "I feel hopeful about the future" was shown in a handful of festivals at the time. It has been in a feminist archive for the last 20 years mostly just sitting there. Last year, the archive, Cinenova, came back to life. They began to show films they'd collected by women film and video makers during the 20th century. My video became part of an exhibition that was shown in London, Berlin and Geneva. It came to Toronto in 2011. On April 12, 2014 it will be screened together with work by Lisa Steele, Jo Spence and others in the Radical History Conference at NYU. It is part of a program called "There is Another History." (Nice name, eh?) The program was put curated by Charlotte Procter and Laura Guy.