On now in Toronto: PLANT Architect's installation of the poem, The City

Courtesy of PLANT Architects, my poem "The City" is now painted 20 metres long on King Street, Toronto as part of the King Street Pilot project. Here's what Azure Magazine had to say:

 "Asphalt Poetry, Plant’s temporary installation at Brant Street, also makes an outsized impact. A collaboration with poet Ronna Bloom, the poem can be read equally from both the north and the south, and – ever cognizant of its surroundings – is legible to be read in pieces. 

Emblazoned in the telltale colours of the road (namely, asphalt grey and surface-marking yellow), the poem is an ode to urbanity, placed in the one of the pilot project’s newly created transit waiting areas. Like a body’s arteries, the poem suggests, cities rely on their roads for connectivity and survival.

“I don’t know where I’m going and the city calls to my voices, my limbs, all my uncertain directions, saying: Lie down in the not knowing,” says the poem. “Lie down in me.” It implores us to embrace the unknown future of King Street – whether it’s animated by public art or by traffic.

Mark Teo, Azure Magazine