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Battle of the Bards

1 stage. 20 poets. 1 winner.11 Poetry NOW logo

Our popular poetry competition returns in 2017 to feature readings by 20 of Canada’s emerging and established poets.

IFOA Director Geoffrey E. Taylor, Juno award winning recording artist and dub poet Lillian Allen and 2016 Poetry NOW winner Chris Chambers will select the night’s winner. NOW Magazine’s Susan G. Cole will host.

Winner will receive an automatic invitation to read at the 38th edition of the International Festival of Authors AND an ad for their book and IFOA event in NOW Magazine!

Poetry NOW is presented in partnership with NOW Magazine.

I will be one of the 20 poets to throw their poems in the ring. Come cheer the poets, troubadours, gladiators, town criers etc.

The Poet is IN: An interview with Ronna Bloom on working with poetry

I started the year talking with Susan Gillis about doing poetry in unexpected places, particularly prescribing poems in hospitals. The conversation was fluid. It went a long way into the work and landed well on the poems themselves. Fitting for a blog called, Concrete & River! "For several years now the poet Ronna Bloom has worked as Poet in Residence at Mount Sinai Hospital, dispensing poetry to patients and staff in need of what poems offer. I chatted with Ronna about her work in this program: how it came to be and how it unfolds in her own and others' lives."  Read more --->>

5 Canadian Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with Poetry

In her blog, Transactions with Beauty, Poet and novelist, Shawna Lemay offers 5 Canadian Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with Poetry.  My book, Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement is one of 5 books in this short but generous posting. I'm in glorious company.  

5 Canadian Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with Poetry

I sometimes think the real reason people don't read poetry so much is that they don't know how to find or select it. There aren't lists of poetry read-alikes, as there are for fiction. And even though a single poem, these days, may go viral, what we need to do is pass along whole books, and the names of poets. One of the great comforts of my life has been my book shelf devoted entirely to poetry. (Granted this has now spilled over and takes up closer to two shelves). The pleasure of being able to go to a shelf and find an old friend, and to reconnect with thoughts, to revisit a poem I haven't read for a while, and to measure my own thoughts against it, is a great one.

Toward that, I give you five books from my collection that I love. There are many more, of course, and so there may be more posts like this one. Read more.

In The News, PoetryRonna Bloom
Architecture & Poetry in Quebec: S.O.S Paysages Autoroutiers

I had the enormous pleasure of of collaborating with PLANT Architects on an exhibition for Maison De L'Architecture du Quebec. In conversation with partner Lisa Rapoport, we riffed on the experiences driving Highway 10 focusing on the Montregie mountain range that most of us rarely notice as we pass. The piece, to which I was a happy accomplice, is called "Blink and You Miss It!" I wrote a poem in response to our conversations, phrases of which are used their imaginings. Six expert teams of landscape architects helped by their accomplices artists go to the rescue of motorways im Quebec. To each his 100 km to protect, beautify, to save or to reveal!

From November 4, 2016 to February 26, 2017

181, rue St-Antoine West Montreal (Quebec) H2X 1X8

(514) 868.6691

In The News, PoetryRonna Bloom