Don't Be Superficial, Cause We'll Soon Find Out

Last summer I was invited by The Brave Festival of Risk and Failure at Harbourfront to write poems for people on the spot. About 40 folks came over several days and I asked what they needed a poem for and then I wrote it. And then they took it and walked away. 

At the start of my shift on the second day, a man was waiting there, eager. No excited. So into it, it made me nervous.

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The City, a new video in the Bathrobe Series

The poem THE CITY has been installed on King Street in Toronto by PLANT Architects. To celebrate that public event more quietly, here is "The City" as one of the Bathrobe Videos.

The Bathrobe videos are made to reflect a less dressed, less stressed poetry practice. Writing prompts included.

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Ronna Bloom