Writing Coaching

Out of every chaotic moment, something creative can come.


In every creative endeavour something chaotic lives. Art is risky.

People create for lots of reasons, among them: to explore, witness, reject, praise, express, wrestle with, and to make sense of what they see and experience. Writers generally do this alone. But sometimes people get stuck:  frozen in the process of writing or confused about why a piece isn't working.

The coaching I offer, while not therapy, borders therapeutic conversations. When you write about what matters to you, emotions are involved. Sometimes the very emotions that drive a piece can impede it. I work with you to clarify what it is you want to say, and to direct you towards your unfolding material in a way that supports the process. A natural extension of this is learning to do a line by line edit of your work so that you can bring the strongest elements forward. 

The format is a combination of online exchanges and in-person meetings. (In-person can also mean on the phone.) Single sessions can have powerful effect too. While my area is poetry, I also work with prose writers and visual artists. People engaged in all media are welcome.


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