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Narrative Healthcare Atelier Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute 

  • Mount Sinai Hospital 600 University Avenue Toronto, ON, M5G 1X5 Canada (map)

Narrative Healthcare Atelier Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute 

Visiting Keynote Speaker: Ronald M. Epstein, MD

Course Directors: Allan Peterkin, MD & Michael Roberts, MD

Canada's Only Advanced Training Seminar in Narrative-based Healthcare for Health Practitioners and Educators across Clinical Disciplines

Explore and reflect critically on your clinical practices, challenges, personal and professional growth as health providers using narrative, storytelling and arts-based learning.  This 4 day workshop is designed to help you improve outcomes and to humanize your experiences within complex healthcare contexts. Themes related to relationship-centered care, professionalism, team collaboration and the hidden curriculum will be explored through visual, cinematic and literary texts including fiction, drama and poetry.

This intensive, interactive atelier will apply narrative theory and reflective practice in the contexts of interprofessional patient-centred healthcare, research and education.  It aims to:  enliven your engagement and collaboration as clinicians and educators from all disciplines; support best practices as teachers, clinicians and lifelong learners; transform the paradigm of your daily professional practice with a renewed commitment to the core values of humanistic healthcare.

I will be joining my amazing colleagues to present a workshop at this conference. "Postcards from the Edge: Addressing Compassion Fatigue in Note Form"  will be offered on June 4.

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