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Reading poems and joining conversations in Beijing, China

The International Festival of Authors is taking a delegation of writers to  The Bookworm Literary Festival and I have the complete honour of being part of this group.

The festival will host journalists, novelists, graphic artists, poets, and playwrights from around the world. 

I'll be in three events:

POETS FOR THE PEOPLE  with Ifor ap Glyn, Dai Weina, Ronna Bloom  

POETS AND POETRY IN EDUCATION with Marcel Gauthier, Scot Slaby, Chen Bo, Ronna Bloommoderated by Simon Shieh

and in CANADA DIVERSE with fellow Canadians Shari Lapena, Sylvain Neuvel

My aim is to stay awake, and to write a few words each day, sharing them here in the news section or tweeting them via @ronnabloom. This, of course assumes, I'll have internet, data, words etc. Stay tuned.