Rx for Poetry

What if, in the middle of a lobby, a person seated at a table asked you if you needed a poem?


And what if, in the middle of that lobby, they wrote it, charged a dollar, and gave it to you? This is one of the things I do. It's called The Spontaneous Poetry Booth.

Rx for Poetry is a similar process that emerged from The Spontaneous Poetry Booth, where instead of writing a new poem on the spot, I prescribe an existing one.

Both of these are ways to involve people in a moment of self reflection that results in a poem. The process is simple: after asking you two or three questions, I will offer or write you a poem—in five minutes or less. When a poem works, it can reflect an experience that has not yet been articulated.

Some people laugh, and some tear up when they read their poem. Either way, my mission is to hand over a poem that captures that particular moment for that person. Rx for Poetry has appeared at hospitals, fundraisers, book stores and street fairs. 

Listen to the 5 minute audio documentary produced by CBC Radio q in April 2018, Prescription for Poetry? 

Read a piece on Lit Hub about poetry prescriptions in hospital waiting rooms.

My motto: everyone who is alive could use a poem. Whether they want one is a different matter.
— excerpt from 'The More'